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1992:             CadPipe I - Complete functions of the CadPipe drafting program
                      Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

1986:             AutoCad I and AutoCad II
                      X  I  Education Services

1985:             Computer Aided Engineering Graphics
                      University of Calgary

1967-1969:    Specification Writing (Correspondence Course)
                      Specification Writers Association of Canada

1963-1964:    Architectural and Structural Drafting
                      Mechanical & Aircraft Institute of Drafting (Montreal Quebec)

1962:              High School Diploma
                       Rosemount High School (Montreal Quebec)

Work History

1972-Present:     Technical Graphics Ltd.
                           Incorporated to perform Drafting, Design, Technical Placement and Consulting  Services

1969-1972:        Technical Graphics - Self Employed Freelance Draftsmen
                          Mainly project drafting in Piping, Mechanical and Architectural

1968-1969:        Abugov and Sunderland, Architects and Engineers, Calgary
                          Architectural drafting and detailing

1967-1968:        Diamond Clark and Associates, Architects, Calgary and Edmonton
                          Architectural design and drafting

1964-1967:        Clayton, Bond and Mogridge, Architects.
                          Architectural drafting and co-ordination with consultants.


Process Piping was introduced to Mr. Jones at a contract position with Hudson’s Bay oil and Gas Ltd. in 1970.The work consisted mainly of pipeline drawngs including crossings, gas riser details and some oil battery detailing.  A contract with Western Hydrocarbon Engineering Ltd., which continued after that company was bought out by Fish Engineering International Ltd., included compressor station layout and detailing, gas plant layout and detailing, and lead to a ‘squad leader’ position on Chevron Standard Limited’s Nevis gas Plant - 1972 Expansion, and Gulf Oil Canada Limited’s Nevis Gas Plant - 1973 Expansion.  Mr. Jones has been involved in many piping projects since that time including Oil and Gas Projects on shore and off shore, patented processes as well as food processing.

Petroleum Marketing Facilities for downstream products has included numerous projects since 1971 when Mr. Jones was responsible for the generation of standard drawings when Union Oil moved into Canada and built 124 Union 76 service stations in two years.  Since then Texaco Canada Inc., Gulf Canada Products Limited, Esso Petroleum / Imperial Oil Limited, Petro Canada Products Limited, and United Farmers of Alberta Limited have been served by Technical Graphics Ltd.  Mr. Jones worked on Texaco Canada Limited’s 1987 expansion of its Calgary Terminal which involved both preparing of drawings in Texaco’s offices as well as work on the site during the construction phase.  UFA’s bulk plant and cardlock annual construction program has continued since 1994.

Architectural drafting has also played a part in the services provided by Mr. Jones both related to the above as well as directly for architectural and engineering firms.  A broad range of projects including apartment buildings, commercial office buildings, schools and dormitories have been drawn and detailed on a project basis for many firms.

Mechanical drafting also has also been a part of Mr. Jones’ experience including drawings for pressure vessels, a rock crusher, a large natural gas burner, shale shakers, and sulphur forms.  Several patent application drawings for mechanical devices have been drawn.

Structural engineering drawings have been completed for several engineering firms under the direction of the design engineer,

Electrical and Instrumentation drawings have also been drawn for numerous projects on which drawings were provided for the other disciplines on a given project.


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